In the summer of 1997, a group of college club field hockey teams came together to formulate the first collegiate club league.  The National Field Hockey League (NFHL) was established in August 1997.  The impetus for its creation was to develop a competitive hockey environment, and more importantly, create structure within the field hockey club division.  Many colleges were having difficulty finding playing facilities, officials, and opponents to play.  With the creation of the NFHL, participating college teams can work together to create season schedules, find playing facilities, and sign qualified officials for each game.  We hope that by creating this league we will be able to work together and progress as a strong force in the field hockey arena.

The NFHL is organized in such a way that each college team must send at least one representative to each league meeting.  However, each college will have only one vote in all matters.   Potential meeting topics will include: 1) Fall and Spring Tournament Schedules, 2) Amendments to League Rules, and 3) Season Scheduling.  We are currently meeting two to three times a year. The NFHL also follows NCAA Ruling with specific amendments particular to the league.  These rules can be altered during league meetings through the voting powers of the participating team.  League dues must be paid annually before the Fall Season begins.  This fee covers the cost of the officials and t-shirts for the Play-offs, All-stars Game, and the final Championship Game.

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