Fall Championship

2016 NFHL Fall Championship

November 19-20, 2016
Virginia Beach Sports Complex, Virginia Beach, VA



Congratulations to Penn State!

2016 Fall Champions!





2016 FALL CHAMPIONSHIP TEAMS (with overall league rank)

  1. University of Delaware (A)
  2. University of Virginia (A)
  3. Northeastern University (A)
  4. Boston College (A)
  5. Georgetown University (B)
  6. University of North Carolina CH (A)
  7. Messiah College (B)
  8. Penn State University (A)
  9. Ohio State University (A)
  10. High Point University (A)
  11. James Madison University (A)
  12. University of Pittsburgh (A)
  13. Duke University (A)
  14. Temple University (A)
  15. Virginia Commonwealth University (B)
  16. University of Vermont (A)


  1. Virginia Tech (A)
  2. East Carolina University (B)
  3. George Washington University (B)
  • Teams must be able to send a full team to the Championship (11 players minimum)
  • Teams must be available to play from 7am-8pm on Saturday AND from 7am-2pm on Sunday
  • ALL teams must RSVP (top 16 teams and alternates) by 5pm on Tuesday November 10th


  • CHAMPIONSHIP SCHEDULE - subject to change
  • All teams are required to be available to play between 7am-8pm on Saturday AND 7am-2pm on Sunday
  • Sometimes games need to be switched and rearranged – we need you to be flexible, patient, and open-minded
  • Teams must bring light and dark colored shirts/jerseys



  • All shirts MUST be pre-ordered online will be available for pickup at the Registration Table at the tournament. We cannot ship shirts!
  • Order online here


  • All Stars at the tournament will receive a free tournament t-shirt
  • T-shirts must be picked up at the Registration Table before 12pm on Saturday November 19th
  • All Full Member teams (even those not attending the tournament) will still submit the names of their top 2 All Stars and their names will be posted on our website (we will send an email about this AFTER the tournament)


  • Teams need to bring a copy of their complete roster to the tournament and submit it when they register
  • Rosters must be signed by the school’s Club Sports Recreation Department to verify that all players are allowed to play on the team
  • Please use the NFHL Roster Form


  • Teams are allowed to have as many fans as they like attend the tournament
  • Free admission and parking for all fans
  • Please do not give your parents Kristin’s cell phone number – it’s your responsibility to keep your fans updated if any changes are made
  • All fans are required to abide by all NFHL and Sportsplex rules
  • Fans who are disruptive and do not abide by the misconduct rules will be removed from the tournament and will jeopardize their’s teams entry in the tournament – we take this VERY seriously!


Players, coaches and fans must treat all other players, NFHL staff, spectators, other coaches and refs on/off the field with the utmost respect and dignity. Everyone is expected to compose themselves maturely and have sportsman-like conduct on/off the field at all times. Please read and review all misconduct rules here.

Anyone who fails to abide by the conduct rule will face:

    • The consequences stipulated by the NCAA.
    • If issued a red card, the player will be suspended for the current game and the following game.
    • If issued a second red card during a tournament, the player will be suspended for the remainder of the tournament and must leave the facility immediately (for the remainder of the tournament).
    • One verbal warning or green card from NFHL staff or referee.
    • Red card and suspension for the remainder of the day. They must leave the facility immediately.
    • If a second red card is issued at a tournament, the coach is suspended for the remainder of the tournament and must leave the facility immediately.
  • FANS:
    • Teams and team captains (or coaches) are ultimately responsible for the conduct of their fans:
    • One verbal warning from NFHL staff or referee.
    • If the misconduct persists, a yellow card (minimum 5 minute suspension) will be issued to the coach or team captain for the current game.
    • If the misconduct persists, the referee will stop the game and the fan must leave the facility immediately. Play will resume once the fan has left the facility. The clock will not stop during this time.

To read and review a summary of the NCAA, FIH, and NFHL misconduct rules click here: Misconduct Rules

Virginia Beach Sportsplex
2181 Landstown Road
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23456

  • Turf shoes only – NO spiked cleats
  • Free parking is available for all teams and parents

Official 2016 NFHL Fall Championship Hotel: Hilton Garden Inn Town Center

  • Reserve rooms here
  • Teams that stay here will receive free breakfast, coupons to local restaurants, and more!
  • $84 – king room, $104 – 2 queens, $134 – king room with whirlpool


  • Outside food/beverages will not be allowed on the premises


  • We can never predict the weather! We may need to rearrange games and/or restructure the format of the tournament in extreme weather
  • Kristin will keep all teams informed of any changes via email – please check your emails on a regular basis!
  • Please be flexible – it’s up to you to make this tournament fun and successful

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